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December 07, 2007



Welcome back to blogging! The book you are talking about sounds interesting- I'll have to tale a look at that one. Boston looks like a fun place to visit.


Yay! You're back!

History *is* full of nastiness, on all sides. Good for you for treading thoughtfully through it. I always think that the 'whys' behind events are so much more interesting (and frightfully complex) than the whos, whats and whens.


So as far behind as you may think you are in blogging, I'm even farther behind in reading - here it is the end of February and I'm just getting caught up!

It occurred to me as I looked at the photo of you and Adam drying Em's shoes (and doesn't Adam look thrilled) that there just may have been a more efficient way of doing this. Next time perhaps housekeeping could throw them in the dryer? Just a thought. LOL

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