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October 12, 2007



Wow, this space is beautiful, simple, and so inviting. I love the desks in front of the window. You can bet Emily will have many good memories of sitting with her mom or dad and learning about wonderful things while enjoying the comfort of her home. I really admire all you are doing and am learning from you all every day.


Wow what a beautiful space you have. It feels peaceful just looking at the picture! We don't have much space that doesn't feel cluttered. I love all wood in your room. Beautiful!


This room is so inviting and pleasant. What a wonderful place to relax, spend time together, and learn.


I would be happy to make Mabel her own "pad" to save your shawl for you....just let me know....


Wow! Your space is absolutely beautiful! So inviting and lovely... I get so tired of switching out "school" work for food and food for projects on the one tiny table we use for both. I look forward to when we will have a space that is mostly devoted to homeschooling. But I have very little hope that I will actually get around to making it as pleasant as yours!


i could spend hours and hours in that room. (When you're not out and about.) it is absolutely beautiful.


what a great space! i love it! i can attest to the fact that homeschooling and tidy houses don't necessarily go together though -- my says this is the primary reason NOT to homeschool. although there were 4 kids in my family, so that was probably the main "problem", lol.


SO beautiful! Your shelves look so neatly stocked. Our shelves are overflowing and messy-hmm maybe inspiration for some spring cleaning.


you have a beautiful learning space! :^)

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