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October 10, 2007



To be honest, not a heck of a whole lot of socialization happens in public schools. They get about 20 minutes for lunch total and maybe that long on the playground (unless they miss recess for extra work.) Honestly, my feelings are, if a parent is caring enough to put the effort into homeschooling his/her child, then you can be darned sure that parent has worked hard to make sure the child is around all kinds of socializing experiences. Thinking outside the proverbial "box." There's so many ways to let children learn. I am proud of all you are doing. Inspirational, truly.


I'm all with Meredith.
And also: I have a lot of bad experience with the whole socializing part of school life. My youngest daughter has been bullied for seven years and there was no way to get her out of that in this country.
It has made her stronger, but I still think homeschooling would have made life a lot better for her.
Don't let people talk you into guilty feelings. You're doing great!


Ah the big S question. I think (most) people have good intentions when they ask. They really want to know. I sort of size up the situation and answer sometimes, others not. If I feel they're just asking a question to let me know how they REALLY feel about homeschooling, I move on. It gets old after a few years, and I feel far less obligated to explain it all to each person who asks. As more and more people homeschool I find more and more people who ask actually know somebody who does. Their experience with other families has often been positive. Sounds like you have great stuff to do in your community. Isn't is wonderful?

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